Handy Pen Detects Wi-Fi Signals On The Go

Handy Pen Detects Wi-Fi Signals On The Go


It can be quite a pain having to whip out the laptop and boot it up every time you think you might be in range of a free Wi-Fi network. To make the experience a heck of a lot easier, you might want to invest in this very handy pen that also doubles as a Wi-Fi sniffer.

Right on the barrel of the phone are four LED indicators that light up when you press the button next to them. These lights are meant to indicate the relative strength of any Wi-Fi networks in the area. A single light means that the signal is pretty weak, whereas all four lights would mean that you have a strong signal in the area. Unfortunately, there’s no indication as to whether said network is password protected.

The Wi-Fi detecting pen is available now for $20.