Apple MacBook Air Deemed a Dangerous Weapon

Apple MacBook Air Deemed a Dangerous Weapon


When people said that they thought the MacBook Air looked sharp, I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean it in the sense that it would slice open your elbow. Strangely, that’s exactly what happened to one poor sap who wanted to find out just how sharp the edge of the MBA is.

The edge of the MacBook Air, when draw across that soft material we like to call skin, is sharp enough to slice you open and initiate a flood of crimson. The edge is also sharp enough to slice through a loaf of bread, though I can’t imagine why you’d feel inclined to do so.

The MacBook Air continues to impress. First, it’s shown to fit inside a manila envelope. Now, it might be enough to replace that Ginsu knife you like to use to slice lead pipes and blocks of wood.