More Specs on Palm Treo 850, Including Wi-Fi

More Specs on Palm Treo 850, Including Wi-Fi


We spotted the Palm Treo 850 earlier this month, noting its Centro-like appearance and full QWERTY keyboard. While it may not be able to dethrone the BlackBerry devices of the world, Palm might have itself a decent contender in the Treo 850w, especially since we now know a little more about what this Windows Mobile smartphone has to offer.

The spec sheet for the Palm Treo 850w has been leaked and one of the most notable features mentioned is the inclusion of Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that you can surf the web and check your email without having to fork out for a hefty data plan, assuming that you find yourself awash in a sea of free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Bearing the codename of “Skywriter”, the Palm Treo 850 also ges GSM/EDGE, HSDPA 3.6, assisted GPS, 320×320 touch panel display, microSD slot (under the battery), 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, Windows Mobile Pro 6.1, micro-USB connector, and 256MB NAND Flash. It measures 113 x 60 x 14mm.