HTC Touch Diamond – Four New Innovations Demo’d (Video)

HTC Touch Diamond – Four New Innovations Demo’d (Video)


Many of us may be pretty excited about the upcoming HTC Diamond if only for its svelte attractiveness, but this smartphone also has quite a few innovations that will make your life a little more seamless and a heck of a lot easier. In the video embedded below, you will see HTC Chief Marketing Officer John Wang describe four of these “hidden innovations” on the HTC Touch Diamond.

The first is what could be considered a proximity sensor. While the controls beneath the touchscreen are physical buttons, they are still touch sensitive. Better still, it can recognize when your finger is approaching the button, providing a two-step input. This is great for using the autofocus camera, for example.

The second innovation is the use of an accelerometer, but they take it even further than the iPhone. With the HTC Touch Diamond, you can simply flip the phone over to mute a call. The third and fourth innovations concern automatic processes related to the removal of the stylus. If you pull out the stylus during a call, the notes application automatically pops up. If you pull out the stylus when the phone is off, it automatically turns on.