AT&T Starts To Sell Celebrity-Approved Ringtones

AT&T Starts To Sell Celebrity-Approved Ringtones


You can already purchase a wide variety of ringtones through your favorite mobile operator, but AT&T wants you to be just as styling as your favorite celebrity. As such, the iPhone-carrying service provider has launched a new service called the Ringtone A-List.

Other celebrity ringtone services would enlist the voices or likenesses of celebrities for their ringtones. You can probably find a few ringtones out there that have Katt Williams telling you something about pimping, but that’s not what the AT&T Ringtone A-List is all about. Instead, this service just asks celebrities what ringtone they have on their phones. AT&T, in turn, tells you what the superstar is using.

I’m hoping that these ringtones don’t carry any further premium just because some celebrity is endorsing that particular ringtone. The featured celebrities for May include three stars from The Hills, singer Mario, and vocalist Leona Lewis.