$10 GSM HOP 1800 Disposable Cell Phone, No Strings Attached

$10 GSM HOP 1800 Disposable Cell Phone, No Strings Attached


There’s affordable and then there’s “how can they afford to do that” cheap. Hop-On has just created the HOP1800 disposable cell phone and it costs just ten dollars. That’s not a “with contract” price. The phone really is just ten dollars, straight up, no strings attached. As far as I can tell, anyways.

Don’t expect the Hop-On HOP1800 to offer you much in terms of functionality. It doesn’t have a camera, a music player, or any sort of PDA functionality. Based on the pictures provided, it seems that the HOP1800 doesn’t even have a display, but it will work with over 40 domestic wireless carriers over a standard GSM connection. You just have to provide the SIM card.

There are two dual-band versions of the phone: 850/1900 and 900/1800. The battery offers 4 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby. Look for it at US retail and convenience stores. Should you choose the return the Hop-On HOP1800, they’ll even give you a $5 “Go Green” rebate.