Videos: Carrie Underwood Loves Nintendogs, DS Lite

Videos: Carrie Underwood Loves Nintendogs, DS Lite


Video games aren’t just for geeks anymore. They’re not just for pimple-faced teenagers hiding out in their parents’ basements, because some pretty hot celebrities are getting in on the action. Nintendo has just rolled out a couple of videos that feature American Idol winner Carrie Underwood playing with her Metallic Rose Nintendo DS Lite.

The Metallic Rose version of the DS Lite is an extra shiny pink, which will suit the girlier of the girls in the audience. Carrie Underwood seems to particularly enjoy Nintendogs, because she gets to pick out her puppy and work toward teaching it all sorts of cool tricks. The country music star can be seen playing Nintendogs on her tour bus and on set.

I could make a rather inappropriate pun about Carrie Underwood and a touch-sensitive display, but I’m not going to go there. I’ll just let your dirty mind do that on its own.