iPod nano Icebar Waterproof Speakers Make a Splash

iPod nano Icebar Waterproof Speakers Make a Splash


By and large, the iPod experience is an individual one. You sit there with a set of earbuds sticking out the side of your head. Maybe you’re tapping one of your feet to the beat. Maybe you’re bobbin’ that noggin to the music. Wouldn’t it nice if you could share that musical experience with those around you.

The Icebar Waterproof Speaker Case for the Apple iPod nano seems to do just the trick for all the upcoming pool parties you will inevitably be attending. In addition to protecting your nano from random splashes and dunks into the wet stuff, the Icebar also has a set of speakers for sharing those tunes. You’ll be the life of the party… or at least the life of your shower.

The iPod nano Icebar Waterproof Speaker Case can be purchased for about $100. Just don’t Rick Roll yourself in the process.