Indian Government Spying on BlackBerry Emails

Indian Government Spying on BlackBerry Emails


We already know that India is one of the fastest growing markets in the cell phone industry and one of the most lucrative segments happens to be the area of corporate email. Unfortunately for the people of India, however, it’s not going to be just their managers who will have access to their work emails; the government is snooping around in there too.

It turns out that Research in Motion, makers of the popular BlackBerry series of smartphones, has been forced by the Indian government to allow the latter to keep tabs on all BlackBerry network data. This means that every time you send an email or surf a site, the Indian government will know. Without this provision, the Indian government was not going to allow the entry of RIM’s BlackBerry service into their country.

In exchange for allowing the data to be read by the government, Research in Motion waives any liability concerning leaked data and information. Indian Big Brother is watching you.