Official: Rogers Wireless Announces Addition of HTC Shift

Official: Rogers Wireless Announces Addition of HTC Shift


Is it just me or has Rogers Wireless suddenly gone decidedly high-end with its cell phone offerings? Going even further upscale, Rogers Wireless has announced that it will be carrying the ultrapowerful and ultraportable HTC Shift UMPC. It’s not exactly a cell phone, but it does have a cellular connection on board for voice calls and data purposes.

Among the features that you’ll find on this world’s first mobile PC with push email are Windows Vista, three days of battery life, touchscreen technology via Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0, Rogers 3G HSPA, seven-inch slide and tilt display, full QWERTY keyboard, front facing camera, 40GB hard drive, biometric fingerprint scanner, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0, and Windows Media Player 11.

Also known as the HTC X9501, the HTC Shift should be available now through Rogers Wireless. We heard earlier that Rogers would be selling this device for $1499, but it turns out that the initial launch price will be $1599.99. You have to sign up for a three-year contract on a minimum $50 Flex Rate Data Plan to buy the Shift at that price. Wow, that’s still really expensive! Full retail is $2,099.00.