Iomega Kills a Cow, Produces Leather 250GB eGo Drive

Iomega Kills a Cow, Produces Leather 250GB eGo Drive


I’m not sure how effective this portable hard drive will be for improving your self-esteem, but that’s the naming scheme that they decided to go with for the Iomega Leather 250GB eGo Drive. Unlike so many other portable hard drives on the market that get wrapped up in plastic and aluminum, the eGo Drive has just a little bit of dead cow on it.

The leather version of the 250GB Iomega eGo drive appears to have much the same specs and functionality as its non-leather counterparts. With the leather wrapping around on the outside, you would almost think that this was a hip flask or something that Indiana Jones would bring along with him in search of the Crystal Skull. Iomega is quick to point out that this is the first and only leather portable hard drive available on the market.

Perfectly complementing your Serengeti sunglasses and leather-bound Asus laptop, the Iomega 250GB Leather eGo Drive retails for $142.45.