7 Must-Have Mobile Phone Applications

7 Must-Have Mobile Phone Applications


With so many applications out there available for mobile phones, you may find that your phone memory is getting a little too crowded with the different things that you can do. We need to trim down on the fat and bring it down to the applications that are actually the most useful and the ones that you will likely use the most.

Stefan from Intomobile compiled a list of the top seven applications that he can’t live without on his mobile phone. Some people like to make top 10 lists, but Stefan wants to take things to a slightly trimmer and more efficient model. The seven applications he selected, and the only ones that he has on his phone, are Handy Taskman, Opera Mini 4.1, GMail Mobile, Google Maps, MobiTubia, Walking Hotspot, and Shazam iD.

These applications cover all the basics from mobile email to turning an S60 device into a WiFi access point. Interestingly, not a single game made his list.