Touching and Sliding with LG Vantage from Bell Mobility

Touching and Sliding with LG Vantage from Bell Mobility


Joining Bell Mobility’s lineup with a certain air of exclusivity is a trend-setting slider phone with a large touchscreen display. The LG Vantage has officially joined the ranks of Frank and Gordon, offering subscribers the choice of interacting with their phone via a slide-out numeric keypad or the haptic-enhanced touchscreen display. Yup, this phone vibrates just a little every time you touch it. This is a first for Bell.

Other features found on the LG Vantage include a 2 megapixel camera with camcorder capabilities, 4GB of internal memory, integrated media player, and Windows Live Messenger. It also grants you access to HBO shows on-demand, GPS navigation with traffic enhancements, and access to Bell’s Full Track Music. I just think it’s cool that there are absolutely no face buttons on this handset.

The LG Vantage is available now through Bell Mobility for $199.95, assuming that you’ll sign up for a three-year service agreement that includes a qualifying fun bundle. Whether that bundle is Frank’s or Gordon’s remains to be seen.