Mazda RX-9 Concept Inspired by Batmobile

Mazda RX-9 Concept Inspired by Batmobile


If you didn’t know any better, you would think that the upcoming Mazda RX-9 sports car was conceived in Gotham City. With a jet black paint job and long flowing lines, this is one aggressive-looking vehicle.

For those of you who have been following Mazda’s movements lately, you’ll notice that many of the design cues on this concept have been borrowed from other concept vehicles that Mazda as been dreaming up as of late, including the Taiki and Furai. It’s not an official rendering, unfortunately, as this RX-9 concept comes from Fomoconews user Rhoadwh. I sure hope Mazda is reading though.

We realize that some of Mazda’s recent design ideas have been pretty outlandish, but they can actually look pretty stellar when you make the car a little more sensible. Just a little. Too sensible and it becomes a minivan or something.