LED Backlighting Coming to Every MacBook in 2009

LED Backlighting Coming to Every MacBook in 2009


Light up my life, Apple. Light up my life. It seems that every MacBook getting shipped in 2009 will come equipped with an LED-backlit display, making it so much easier for you to edit your videos in iMovie and make fun of PC on YouTube. This is according to Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese publication that spoke with Apple’s chief LED supplier. This has not yet been confirmed by Cupertino, but it seems to make sense.

The whole LED backlighting thing is already going on with the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, so it wouldn’t take much to do the same to the lowly regular MacBook. The LED backlighting not only provides a brighter display, it is also supposed to be better for the environment, better for color reproduction, and better for battery life.

By the same accord, if they’re going to do LED backlit displays for the MacBook, why can’t they offer the glossy wonder some multi-touch action as well? I’m sure Apple fanboys on a budget would appreciate it.