Friendster Goes Mobile Again

Friendster Goes Mobile Again


I still remember when the concept of a social networking site was novel. People would join and be amazed at the level of interaction they would be able to achieve with friends all across the country and all around the world. These days, social networks are a dime a dozen and it’s increasingly difficult to stay at the forefront. Even behemoths like MySpace are having trouble keeping up.

While some users (like me) have largely already abandoned Friendster, the social networking site is hoping to recapture some lost audience by relaunching a refreshed mobile version of its site. Available at from any web-enabled mobile phone, Friendster Mobile allows users to do just about anything that they’d be able to do from a computer, including the ability to send messages, review friend requests, browse photos, view birthdays, and post bulletins.

Naturally, while Friendster Mobile itself is free, you are liable for any data charges you may incur on your phone. This could be a matter of too little, too late, seeing how Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace already went mobile a long time ago.