Asus Eee PC 901 All Dress Up in Tuxedo Black

Asus Eee PC 901 All Dress Up in Tuxedo Black


Given that all the promotional pictures of the Asus Eee PC 901 released thus far have shown the subnotebook in a glossy white shell, we started to worry that Asus wouldn’t offer us the unit in another color. That concern can now be thrown out the window, because here is the ultraportable laptop wrapped up in a beautiful coat of black paint. It’s awfully fashionable and ready for a night on the town. Or a night at the coffee shop.

Just like the previous versions of the Asus Eee PC, I’d imagine that the black version won’t have any technological or technical advantages over the white version, though it may prove to be more popular among the more fashion-conscious. I know that around these parts, it was harder to score a black Eee PC 701 compared to the white model when both were available to the public.

You’ll notice that the trackpad still has a silver trim, as does a portion of the hinge. They’re called highlights, my friend. Check out more pics of the black Eee PC 901 at