Nintendo DS Lite Getting Even More Colorful

Nintendo DS Lite Getting Even More Colorful


Not content with the current selection of colors for the Nintendo DS Lite? It seems that the dual-screen gaming machine will soon be available in at least two additional shades. The rumored upcoming colors are a vibrant ruby red and the eye-catching lime green. These are not the official color names, as far as I know, so we’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo decides to call them.

I’d imagine that they’ll be pretty creative with the naming of the new colored Nintendo DS Lites, seeing how they already went with names like Onyx Black, Polar White, and Cobalt Blue. Maybe they’ll say that it’s Pistachio Green and Flaming Red or something. In any case, the new DS Lite colors should start shipping some time next month with an announcement slated for June 13.

It’s possible that these colors could be region specific. Japan, for example, has been offered a much wider variety of DS Lite colors than the rest of the world.