Napster Online Store Rocks World’s Largest MP3 Catalog

Napster Online Store Rocks World’s Largest MP3 Catalog


The iTunes Music Store may be the most popular way to purchase music online, but the vast majority of tracks offered through that service come with nasty FairPlay DRM. Napster, on the other hand, is proud to say that it has the largest MP3 catalog in the world… and none of these songs come with any DRM restrictions. This means that when you purchase a song, you can use it on as many different devices as you’d like. You can also import the songs into iTunes as unprotected tracks.

Boasting over six million DRM-free tracks, Napster sells most of its songs for 99 cents each. If you choose to grab an entire album, it will likely only cost you $9.99. These prices are in line with how much DRM’d tracks cost from iTunes, but they offer the extra value of being DRM-free. The DRM-free songs from iTunes, on the other hand, come at a bit of a premium. The alternative is that Napster also has a $15/month subscription service for all you can eat. The subscription only works with Napster-to-Go compatible players though.

Is this enough for Napster to reclaim its throne as the king of online music? Time will tell.