Mercedes-Benz Wants to Buy Chrysler Again?

Mercedes-Benz Wants to Buy Chrysler Again?


In what could be one of the most interesting twists of fate, it seems that Mercedes-Benz isn’t completely satisfied with their sale of Chrysler some time back. Daimler and Chrysler may still be recovering from a rocky breakup, but Mercedes has expressed interest in purchasing Chrysler’s former Chrysler Pacifica Advance Design Center in Carlsbad, California.

Yeah, it’s not the same as buying Chrysler again, but they are looking to pick up what Daimler thinks is one of the more attractive aspects of its ex-partner. Both parties have already signed the purchase agreement and now it is just pending the final approval.

The Chrysler studio in Carlsbad is 35,000 square feet and is listed at $7.3 million. The facility was closed earlier this year with all 20 employees moving or leaving the company. Mercedes already has a design studio nearby, but that facility is only about a third of the size of the Pacifica Advance Design Center.