JVC Everio S Series Camcorder Goes Straight to YouTube

JVC Everio S Series Camcorder Goes Straight to YouTube


A huge reason why people are recording videos these days is so that they can share those videos with the online community via YouTube. The new Everio S series of camcorders from JVC addresses this very need in the easiest of fashions, getting equipped with a one-touch button for immediate uploading to YouTube.

The Everio S series has a special dedicated “upload” button. If that button is hit before the “trigger”, videos are automatically limited to ten minutes in length, which is the current restriction for most YouTube accounts. After the video has been saved onto an SD card (which is the default configuration), the camcorder can be connected to a PC via USB cable. Assuming that the provided CyberLink software is installed, you can then hit the upload button and the appropriate YouTube-uploading application is launched.

Aside from its YouTube-centric functionality, the JVC Everio S series has a Laser Touch Operation (a touch sensitive scroll bar and buttons) and a battery good for about 2 hours of video. Higher capacity batteries for 4- or 6-hour recording times are also available. Check out the new camcorders in June for about $350.