Swiss Army Knife Just Got Eight Gigs Geekier

Swiss Army Knife Just Got Eight Gigs Geekier


While most Swiss Army knives come with your standard assortment of sharp objects, this particular product is catering a little more to the tech-inclined amongst us. Yes, this Swiss Army Knife still gives you the basics like a 34mm blade and a marginally useful pair of scissors, but it’s also got a USB flash drive in there for transporting secret government documents.

The flash drive, which probably takes up the lion’s share of real estate inside this Swiss Army knife, comes with a full 8GB of storage capacity, giving you plenty of space for all that data you’ll need when you find yourself out in the wilderness, being held hostage for those files you stole from HQ. That’s okay. You’ve got a nail file to chew through those rope restraints, right?

The Swiss Army knife — which also gets a pen, a replaceable ink cartridge, internal watch battery for LED light, and a flat tip screwdriver — retails for $44.38.