Nintendo DS Lite Gets Docked on Angled Throne

Nintendo DS Lite Gets Docked on Angled Throne


Seeing how the Nintendo DS Lite already comes with its own charger, there really isn’t much of a need for this charging dock. Then again, it sure displays your touchscreen gaming machine in a much better way that just a cable dangling out its backside.

The dock, which is available in either black or white (no love for the pink, cobalt, and Pikachu-edition DS Lites out there), doesn’t do much but grasp your DS Lite and top up the battery found within. With such a stylish-looking dock, you really have no reason to NOT be playing on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection with your buddies on the other side of the planet. Not that you would have an excuse anyways.

The yet unnamed and unreleased Nintendo DS Lite charging dock has been priced at 17 smackeroos. No word on a launch date or where you can get it.