Dell Starts Offering 7200rpm 320GB Hard Drives in Laptops

Dell Starts Offering 7200rpm 320GB Hard Drives in Laptops


The great divide in computing power between desktops and notebooks is quickly shrinking. The latest arena where laptops are making some huge strides is in the the area of hard drives, both in terms of speed and capacity. We’ve been hearing about the 7200rpm notebook hard drives for a little while now, so it’s nice to finally see a big manufacturer start to offer those drives in their laptops.

Jumping on over to the Dell website, you’ll discover that you can now load up the 17-inch XPS notebook with a 7200rpm 320GB notebook-sized hard drive. The speedy and capacious spinning platter comes courtesy of Seagate. Because it’s not doing its thing at 5400rpm, the 7200rpm drive offers significantly improved performance. Gamers and heavy multimedia users will be pleased.

The best part is that the 7200rpm drive comes at a mere $50 premium over its 5400rpm counterpart. Both are offered in 320GB capacities. Look for the faster Seagate hard drives to start popping up in Alienware stuff soon too.