Sony Ericsson Preparing Convergence in Reverse

Sony Ericsson Preparing Convergence in Reverse


Here’s an interesting twist of fate for you. We’ve been bombarded with all sorts of camera phones, but what if I told you that Sony Ericsson was looking to create a phone camera? Some people may think that it’s the same thing, but you’ve got to realize the kind of philosophy or strategy that goes into this kind of thinking.

With a camera phone, the device started out as a phone and then they plunked in a camera. With the phone camera, Sony Ericsson is looking to implement cellular or mobile technologies into cameras. The idea is that we can then transfer images and other media from our cameras in a much more expedient manner, perhaps uploading those goodies into storage devices in your car or home. The idea is that this may be able to eliminate the need for high capacity memory cards.

A digital camera (or camcorder) with a SIM card. It’s only a matter of time before Sony considers doing the same thing to their MP3 players. You might as well do this reverse convergence across the board.