Regular Apple MacBook Getting Wrapped in Aluminum Too

Regular Apple MacBook Getting Wrapped in Aluminum Too


Are you tired of looking at that glossy white plastic on your MacBook? Are you jealous of your friends who have the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, both of which are wrapped in all sorts of aluminum goodness? Apple is apparently hearing your cries, because word is that they will soon be selling aluminum MacBooks. This isn’t just a chassis redesign, it’s an extremely metallic makeover!

The new MacBooks are set for primetime in the third quarter of this year and the chassis redesign was necessary to accommodate the new Intel processors. That’s because the Intel CPUs need a socket B logic board. Manufacturing of the new MacBook — sans glossy white or black plastic — has been split between two unnamed Taiwanese firms. That’s for the LCD panels. No word on the rest of the components.

Given that the range-bottoming MacBook is getting the aluminum treatment, should we start to believe that the regular ol’ MacBook is getting multi-touch as well? That’d be pretty sweet.