Palm Treo 800w Retro Without Knowing It

Palm Treo 800w Retro Without Knowing It


Even though the Palm Centro has managed to achieve a modest level of success, the Treo branding is starting to get a little old and a little stale. Far too many people have left their Palm Treos behind in favor of another company’s Windows Mobile device, a BlackBerry, or some other smartphone. The company really needs to do something dramatic to get our attention again and the Palm Treo 800w is not that something.

AT first glance, the Palm Treo 800w just looks like a bigger brother to the Palm Centro. It has a similar band that goes across the middle and then a QWERTY keyboard underneath. The design cues are certainly getting a little bland, but Palm is quick to point out that the Treo 800w is the first Treo to come with Wi-Fi, GPS, and EV-DO Rev.A. These are all supported right out of the box.

No word on pricing, but we expect this Windows Mobile 6.1-powered device to arrive into the fold of Sprint some time in the next month or two.