Improve Your Crappy Laptop Speakers Via USB

Improve Your Crappy Laptop Speakers Via USB


As much as I enjoy the portability of a laptop, it just doesn’t offer the same aural experience as a desktop computer outfitted with a set of decent speakers. This little USB-powered contraption from Urban Outfitters (of all places) aims to appease the music lovers in the audience.

You probably shouldn’t expect a concert hall experience from this decidedly basic speaker, but it should prove to a decent upgrade to the speakers that are built into most conventional laptops. Assuming that we put notebooks with Altec Lansing and Bang & Olufsen audio under the hood, this basic USB speaker should let you enjoy everything from Marilyn Manson to Frank Sinatra just a little more.

Check it out at Urban Outfitters for $39. It sure beats trying to haul a 5.1 system around.