Samsung Gets Ready to Call It Quits (But Doesn’t Wanna)

Samsung Gets Ready to Call It Quits (But Doesn’t Wanna)


Although we love their glossy cell phones and shiny LCD monitors, it appears that the notebook PC part of Samsung’s business isn’t quite doing as well as they would like it to do. As such, a senior manager at the company has laid out quite the bold ultimatum. If they do not triple sales of laptops within the next three years, Samsung will stop manufacturing notebooks altogether. They’d pull out. They’d call it quits.

In order for the notebook division to remain sustainable, Samsung needs to ship 11 million notebooks. This is according to senior manager of overseas sales and marketing Sukyong Hong. Currently, Samsung accounts for a mere 1.7 percent share of the global laptop market. They’d have to increase that to a little over five percent (I guess) to stay afloat. And Hong believes that they “should” be able to meet that target.

The primary thrust to this potential success comes from Samsung’s upcoming move to enter the laptop market in the United States. It’s also notable that Samsung not only producing components for its own laptops, but also components (like TFT panels and memory) for other firms.