New Google Reader Beta for the iPhone

New Google Reader Beta for the iPhone


Sifting through all of those RSS subscriptions on a small screen can be a bit of a cumbersome experience, but the updated version of Google Reader for the Apple iPhone seems to offer several upgrades over its predecessor. There may be other news aggregators out there, but I personally prefer Google Reader on my compute. As such, it’s only natural that I’d be interested in Google’s solution for iPhones too.

The new Google Reader Beta for the iPhone allows you to navigate through folders and subscriptions in a single column. The mobile friendly view is supposed to come wih faster load times too, because it has been further optimized for the cell phone environment. Google also mentions that the new Reader Beta allows for starring, sharing, and keeping unread from a single location, never forcing you to leave the list view or refresh the page.

Early users are saying that this Beta is a significant improvement over the earlier version. Direct your iPhone to to check it out (it doesn’t automatically redirect).