BlackBerry Bold Syncs Music via iTunes

BlackBerry Bold Syncs Music via iTunes


This could prove to be one of the biggest marriages of the century, because the BlackBerry has officially crossed over into the land occupied by the iPod and iPhone. It seems that the upcoming BlackBerry Bold, which we prevously knew as the BlackBerry 9000, will be able to sync its music through iTunes. Well, sort of.

The yet to be officially released BlackBerry Bold will ship with Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Media Sync software. This piece of software is designed to let you transfer your iTunes music files over to your BlackBerry business handheld. You got your hip and cool from the Apple side of things, and then you’ve got the corporate department covered by Research in Motion.

The BlackBerry Bold is sounding better and better by the moment. I wonder how it’ll stack up against the BlackBerry Thunder