Apple iPhone Gets Today Screen Thanks to Intelliscreen

Apple iPhone Gets Today Screen Thanks to Intelliscreen


As nice as the Apple iPhone may be, it does not have that “at a glance” Today screen that Symbian and Windows Mobile-powered smartphones have. In order to check up on your tasks, you actually have to tap on through to the tasks application. In order to see if you have any appointments or deadlines today, you actually have to get yourself into the calendar application. This seriously hurts for people who need that “at a glance” functionality.

Any owner of a jailbroken iPhone will want to look into something called Intelliscreen. In a nutshell, it brings Today Screen functionality to the Apple mobile phone. Instead of just seeing a background image and “Slide to Unlock”, you have immediate access to upcoming calendar events, incoming email and SMS messages, news, and weather. Better still, you can directly launch any of the associated apps by sliding your finger across the information pane.

The Intelliscreen Today Screen application can be found by adding “” to the application repository source list on your jailbroken iPhone.