Video: Demonstrating the Fido UNO VoIP-Cellular Service

Video: Demonstrating the Fido UNO VoIP-Cellular Service


The Fido UNO service allows you to make calls on your mobile phone via your home’s Wi-Fi internet connection, but it seamlessly transfers to Fido’s cellular network when you are out and about. The concept of a UMA service like Fido UNO might make sense to the more tech-savvy amongst us, but Fido has released a video that explains the certain to the masses.

Instead of going with a bunch of cute puppies dressed up in decidedly embarrassing outfits, Fido decided to go with a weird cartoon animation thing that is distinctly different from the rest of the company image. For this reason, I’m starting to think that this video is either an internal training video or it’s one that was produced by someone not directly affiliated with Fido. In any case, you can watch it below.

The Fido UNO service starts at $15 a month for unlimited local calling while connected to your home WiFi network. This is in addition to a regular voice plan.