Packet Concept Phone Folds Up, Inspired by Origami

Packet Concept Phone Folds Up, Inspired by Origami


If you like the flipping action of a clamshell but want to take it a whole new level, you might want to check out this funky Packet cell phone concept. Designed by Emir Rafat, the Packet concept seems to implement some form of e-paper technology and you can completely fold it up like a napkin when not in use.

Unraveling the 5x5cm square, however, will reveal all the pertinent controls. Flip it open once like a clamshell to gain a basic color display. Flip open the bottom section to reveal the numeric keypad. Open up the sides and you’ve got five squares of interactivity. Each of these squares is touch-sensitive and the phone looks like it could be made from some ecofriendly materials.

As you can imagine, this is totally stuck in the concept stage for now, but given the rapid pace of technology advancement, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see something like this in five or ten years.