HTC Touch Dual Lands at American Best Buy Website

HTC Touch Dual Lands at American Best Buy Website


HTC told us that they would start to sell the Touch Dual cell phone through Best Buy and now they have followed through on that promise. Sort of. If you hop on over to the US Best Buy website, you’ll find that they now have a page of the sliding smartphone.

The HTC Touch Dual that is being offered through Best Buy is much more USA-friendly than the import version, because the former comes equipped with quad-band GSM and not the tri-band GSM found on the latter unit. With the inclusion of the 850MHz band, you’ll probably get much better reception on AT&T than if you lacked that band. The phone is sold unlocked, so you can use it with any other GSM provider as well.

As it stands, Best Buy is only taking preorders for the HTC Touch Dual and there is no estimated arrival date at this time. The price has been set at a pretty steep $549.99. Maybe we should wait for the Touch Diamond instead.