Going Rugged with Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC Otterbox Case

Going Rugged with Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC Otterbox Case


The Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC, as attractive as it may be, is anything but rugged. To keep out the elements while still retaining the functionality, Otterbox has created a rugged protective case for the Samsung UMPC. The “tough as nails” protective case retails for $80 and comes in your choice of “I think I’m a Hummer” yellow or “let’s see if I can blend into the background” black.

The Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC Otterbox case still provides full access to all the input and output ports, navigation keys, camera, and touchscreen display. This is in stark contrast to many other rugged cases in the market that cover up these important components. The tradeoff, of course, is that these areas are somewhat exposed to the elements, effectively reducing the level of protection afforded by the Otterbox case.

The case is comprised of three layers — silicone skin, polycarbonate, and a clear membrane to keep out water and dust — and it weighs about 12 ounces. Look for it wherever you find Otterbox products.