Dell Next-Gen Notebooks Getting HSPA Courtesy of Ericsson

Dell Next-Gen Notebooks Getting HSPA Courtesy of Ericsson


It’s nice to stay connected to the web anywhere you go, especially if you don’t have to deal with any messy PC cards or USB dongles. To keep things tidy and speedy, Dell will begin to offer laptop computers with built-in HSPA mobile broadband modules starting in Q2 2008. This high-speed connectivity will come courtesy of modules supplied by Ericsson.

HSPA, which can be further broken down into HSDPA and HSUPA, is the worl’d most widely deployed mobile broadband technology. You can get in on the 3G action through Rogers Wireless in Canada, for example, in addition to more than 185 other commercially deployed networks around the world. Getting stuck with just Wi-Fi can be a little restrictive, whereas you can get hooked up anywhere you have a cellular connection if you’ve got HSPA.

The two firms are saying that this is going down in Q2. Isn’t that, like, now?