Certified Pre-Owned Program Launched by Lamborghini

Certified Pre-Owned Program Launched by Lamborghini


Maybe you can’t quite afford to buy a shiny new Lamborghini Gallardo, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get behind the wheel of a used one. The process of a private sale can be quite the unnerving experience, because it’s hard to determine right away whether there is something wrong with the car. You want the peace of mind offered by a dealership, right?

The next time you go shopping for a used Lambo, you may want to put your mind at rest by going through Lamborghini’s newly launched certified pre-owned program. This follows in the footsteps of fellow maker of supercars Ferrari. Naturally, the certified pre-owned program will only be available through official Lamborghini dealers and not Joe’s House of Used Cars.

Advertising for the pre-owned program will be done by the automaker and not the dealers. The exact details of the program — like what it takes to be “certified” — have not yet been disclosed. Ferrari’s pre-owned program launched in 2003.