3G iPhone Priced, Available in Three Different Colors

3G iPhone Priced, Available in Three Different Colors


Although we haven’t heard any official news from Cupertino just yet, Swisscom apparently already knows two very tasty tidbits about the upcoming 3G Apple iPhone.

First off, there will be at least two capacities available at launch. The 16GB iPhone with 3G got tagged by Swisscom at 659 Swiss francs. That works out to about $637. To get double the memory — that’s 32GB for those of you without a calculator — you’ll need to fork out about $772 to Swisscom. Naturally, we’ve got to assume that there is some sort of premium placed on the price of the 3G iPhone by Swisscom. At least I hope so. Nearly 800 bucks for an iPhone is a bit much.

Secondly, Swisscom mentions that the 3G iPhone will come in three different colors: silver, black, or white. It’s only a matter of time before they go green, blue, and pink as well. Pastels and neons anyone?