Nike Shoes Equipped with WiFi For No Real Reason

Nike Shoes Equipped with WiFi For No Real Reason


If you thought the Nike+iPod system was already pretty advanced for a pair of running shoes, you’ve really got to check out this pair of WiFi Nike Dunks. The shoes themselves don’t look all that special at first glance, but digging a little deeper, you’ll discover that these kicks come equipped with integrated Wi-Fi.

The sneakers, which have come to be known as “A Step in the Right Direction” (get it?), were designed by MSTRPLN and Ubiq. On the flap enclosure that wraps over top of the laces, they have inserted a set of three LED lights. As you approach an available WiFi signal, these LEDs will start to light up. The illumination is meant to show you that you are within range (about 50 meters) of a WiFi signal.

Given the electronics that are housed within, I hope that Nike has done a reasonable job with waterproofing these shoes. For more information, you’ll need to inquire with Nike directly.