Mobile Phone Concept Tells You to Talk to the Hand

Mobile Phone Concept Tells You to Talk to the Hand


You know that universal hand sign for a telephone? Wouldn’t it be interesting if you can actually make a call by holding your hand as such? That appears to be the idea behind this hand phone concept. You wear the phone on the back of your hand, the microphone is attached to your outstretched pinky finger, and the earpiece is on the tip of your thumb.

Designed by Biodomotica of Italy, the Hand phone concept is naturally catering to people who only use their phones for voice calls. Getting any music listening, text messaging, or mobile game playing on such a device probably wouldn’t work quite so well. For voice calls, however, it seems to a total breeze… assuming you’re fine with talking to the hand.

Some people think that talking into a Bluetooth headset is a little strange already, so imagine the looks that you’ll get talk to your hand, telling it that you’ll be late coming home for dinner.