Focus DSLR Design Lacks Clunky Camera Body

Focus DSLR Design Lacks Clunky Camera Body


When it comes to most DSLRs, you get a rather clunky camera body that must then be connected to a rather clunky lens. Wouldn’t it be nice if you cut one of these parts out the equation? That seems to be the thinking behind the “Focus” DSLR designed by someone named Manuel Prada.

The “Focus” is an all-in-one DSLR that has been housed completely within what looks like just the lens. The telescopic design effectively removes the need for a large SLR back altogether, so it looks like you are taking a picture with just the lens part of a DSLR. This is certainly a departure from conventional thinking.

Naturally, a design like this will come with its limitations, but the “Focus” DSLR looks a lot more portable than the massive Canon that my shutterbug friend likes to carry around with him.