Confirmed: BlackBerry Bold to Debut with AT&T

Confirmed: BlackBerry Bold to Debut with AT&T


AT&T is getting first dibs on a lot of cool toys these days and business handhelds appear to be no exception. Hot on the heels of the announcement from Research in Motion, AT&T has confirmed that it will be the first carrier to have the BlackBerry Bold 9000. There’s no word on how long they’ll have the exclusivity agreement, but it’s only a matter of time before the Bold travels over to other wireless service providers.

If you check out the hardware specs for the BlackBerry Bold, the QWERTY-packing smartphone is perfectly capable of getting picked up by T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. It’s very likely that all three of these other guys will get the Bold at some point in the future and many are saying that it’ll happen before the end of this year. That’s not quite the five-year agreement with Apple, now is it…

AT&T also said that it has the exclusive on international 3G usage too, as well as the ability to use the BlackBerry in Japan and South Korea.