BlackBerry Officially Plays Friendly with Windows Live

BlackBerry Officially Plays Friendly with Windows Live


Although Microsoft would probably prefer if you used a Windows Mobile device instead, they’ve buckled down and signed an agreement with Research in Motion that will bring Windows Live services to BlackBerry smartphones. More specifically, this agreement integrates two of Microsoft’s key products into the hugely popular CrackBerry market: Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger.

On the Hotmail side of things, BlackBerry users can have their e-mail messages sent directly to a dedicated inbox on their device or they can combine them into a single inbox with other messages. The push technology from RIM ensures that you get your messages in real time with full synchronization and HTML support.

For Windows Live Messenger, supported BlackBerry devices will be able to provide a near PC-like experience for mobile professionals and other BlackBerry users on the road. This includes not only regular text-based messages, but also the exchanging of files, custom status messages, avatars, emoticons, and more.

BlackBerry users can expect the Windows Live support to roll out some time this summer.