AT&T Starts Selling Apple iPhone in Black

AT&T Starts Selling Apple iPhone in Black


Or so their website would lead you to believe. According to the screenshot below, when you navigate through the AT&T online store, they give the option to select between a regular iPhone and the iPhone Black.

Apparently, the addition of a black model is not restricted to just phones coming out of Cupertino. As it turns out, Crunchgear did a little research and discovered that a lot of phones are showing up with a “Black” version through the AT&T online store. This is probably just a shopping cart glitch, so you might not want to get too excited about an iPhone palette swap just yet.

Then again, could the leak of a iPhone Black be pointing toward the imminent launch of a black 3G iPhone? Nah, that’s just wishful thinking. We probably still have to wait for WWDC.