Microsoft Zune Gets Clock, Flava Flav Would Be Proud

Microsoft Zune Gets Clock, Flava Flav Would Be Proud


Despite being able to play a huge assortment of audio and video files, despite being able to share said files over a Wi-Fi connections, despite being able to handle podcasts, the Microsoft Zune does not come with a clock. It’s such a basic function that you would expect just about anything with an LCD screen to have these days. The iPod has a clock. My cell phone has a clock. Why can’t Microsoft do the same for the Zune?

You may have heard about the release of XNA Game Studio as part of the Microsoft Zune’s 2.5 update, but the first “game” to make its way onto the handheld is not a port of Doom or a funky version of Tetris. It’s a clock. And Flava Flav couldn’t be happier… well, he could be, if it was a giant analog clock that dangled over the midsection of the Zune, but I guess this is close enough.

Dubbed zClock, the application does exactly what you think it does. You can check out the app on Now you have no excuse for being late again.