Fiat to Build North American Car Plant in Mexico?

Fiat to Build North American Car Plant in Mexico?


We know that Fiat is heavily considering the possibility of selling its cars in Canada and the United States, but it would be much more cost-effective to have a production plant right here in North America. Originally, one of the plans was to build an Alfa Romeo production facility in the States, but it might be cheaper to move a little further south.

The current plan is to re-introduce the Fiat brand to the American market in 2009 and they’d need a plant here to “avoid losses due to an unfavorable exchange rate.” Building a plant in the States could prove expensive, so Fiat is thinking of building a plant in Mexico instead. This may better position them for sales in South America as well. Mexico is pretty central in that regard.

An official statement from Fiat regarding production details and a facility location is expected to happen before the end of the month.