Canadian iPod Owners Get Cash Money From Apple

Canadian iPod Owners Get Cash Money From Apple


Apple is saying sorry to Canadians the only way they know how. By giving them money. And who am I to complain when someone just decides to start offering me some cash?

Well, it’s not like they are offering the money out of the goodness of their Cupertino hearts, because Apple was on the receiving end of two class-action lawsuits. As a result, Apple Canada is now offering $45 credits to Canadian residents who still own a first, second, or third-generation iPod purchased before June 24, 2004. The lawsuit came about because the rechargeable batteries on said iPods lasted just three hours instead of the eight claimed on the packaging.

This sets a rather major precedent, because I don’t think I’ve ever come across something that completely lives up to the battery life billing on the package. Even so, $45 is $45.