Helio to Merge with Virgin Mobile USA?

Helio to Merge with Virgin Mobile USA?


We hear that both Virgin Mobile USA and Helio are undergoing some rather troubling times these days, so they could be turning to each other for help. Other options are still being considered, but a merger between Helio and Virgin could very well in the cards. Both MVNOs are operating on the Sprint CDMA-based network, so it wouldn’t be too hard to merge their services together.

With Virgin Mobile USA, some interest has been expressed from “strategic players” for either infusing the cellular service provider with additional funds or possibly buying it outright. Even if Helio does indeed merge with Virgin Mobile USA (it would likely come from SK Telecom buying VMUSA), it’s still very possible that the pair could be on the receiving end of some investment money.

“Certainly there are a lot of opportunities that we see,” said Virgin Mobile CEO Dan Schulman. “And we think some of them are intriguing for us, but it’s a matter of what makes the most sense.”