BlackBerry Unite! Introduced to Bell Mobility

BlackBerry Unite! Introduced to Bell Mobility


When you think about the conventional BlackBerry user, they’re usually attached to a larger corporate account. They use these devices to stay connected to the office, updating their calendars on the fly and so on. That said, there are a good number of small business owners who want to stay connected too and that’s where the BlackBerry Unite! service from Bell Mobility comes into play.

The idea with BlackBerry Unite! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the official name) is that “users can access a shared calendar, shared contacts, documents, and other desktop content in addition to email access and web browsing.” The free download runs on a PC and then up to five BlackBerry smartphones can access email, web browsing, a shared calendar and more. This can all be done through a web-based interface.

BlackBerry Unite! steps in where users do not have access to a centralized mail/messaging server. This software “extends the proven power and security of the BlackBerry platform in a simplified package that is optimized for small groups of people.” You’ll need a data plan, but there is no additional charge for clients with BlackBerry Email and Internet 25 and above rate plans with Bell.